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The St. Cloud Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, a small congregation located in central Minnesota, is seeking a consulting minister.  The Reverend Michelle Tonozzi, who has been our consulting minister for more than seven years, has retired.  We expect to employ the new minister half-time for an initial period of two years.

 The Greater St. Cloud Area, located 70 miles northwest of the Twin Cities, has a population of 108,000 with a median age of 29.9 and median household income of $49,770.  Our community is enriched by the students and staff of six higher education campuses.  Arts, sports, and entertainment are easy to find here, and there are many beautiful parks on the Mississippi River and on our central Minnesota prairies.

 As a welcoming congregation, we make social justice a priority.  We are quick to organize to support social justice causes as they arise in our area, we participate in the local Pride Fest each year, and we worked diligently to defeat the 2012 Marriage Amendment in Minnesota, which would have banned the marriage of same-sex couples.  Our community garden offers a way for local residents to raise their own food and has been especially appreciated by people living in nearby apartment buildings.

 Although small in numbers, our congregation has the following active committees:  Program, Social Justice, Buildings and Grounds, Caring, Membership, Budget and Finance, Long Range Planning, Adult Religious Education, Children's Religious Education Leader Group, Communications and Committee on Ministry.  Many members participate in Circle Dinners, Covenant Groups, and Choir.

 We see opportunities and challenges in our fellowship including 1) attracting youth and young parents, 2) retaining members, 3) providing a viable children’s religious education program, and 4) increasing our presence in the St. Cloud area.

 Our Fellowship is strong in member leadership with a rich community history.  What we need is a strong, progressive, spiritual leader.  We are seeking a minister who can provide “charismatic authority” and guide us with wisdom, experience and clarity, a leader who can expand our community perspectives to a larger vision – a big picture vision for a better world – and a leader who can help grow our congregation in many diverse ways.

Minimum Qualifications/Application Materials:

 1.       Ordained minister

2.       Current curriculum vitae

3.       Two letters of recommendation – one from an active practicing UU minister

4.       Unofficial transcripts from all applicable academin institutions attended

Lastly, please share with us how you can take us to the next level and how you would address our four major fellowship challenges.  All materials should be sent as .pdf files with the name of the applicant in the subject line to 



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