St. Cloud Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

March 2019

10:30 a.m. Sunday, March 3: “The Intricate Weaving” --Rita Chamblin, UU Lay leader from Bemedji, MN

A Unitarian Universalist perspective on Line 3…How are we called?

Please join us for Soup and Bread following the service. Visitors be our guests!

New Member Orientation will be held at 12:15 in the Sanctuary.


10:30 a.m. Sunday, March 17: “The Map of Awakening — Meeting the Ox”—Rev. Myo-O Habermas-Scher

It can be very reassuring to know that there is a map…a map for locating roads and addresses, shops and physicians, hairdressers, and cities. There are also maps for locating oneself, or for describing the journey one is on. The Ten Ox-herding Pictures are a Zen map of spiritual awakening. Even on a normal map, any particular location is just an indication of what exists. So, with the Ox-herding Pictures, the trail may not start at one and go onto ten. It may careen from three to nine and back to one. Still, it’s good to know one is on a map somewhere. We will consider this Zen narrative of spiritual awakening together—we might just meet ourselves!

10:30 a.m. Sunday, March 24: “All In”—Rev. Karen Hutt

Are you all in for your community of faith? Are you all in for Unitarian Universalism? Are you all in for change? Let’s explore the power of community through the lens of our values and beliefs.

10:30 a.m. Sunday, March 31: “Getting to Know Monastic Spirituality”—Father Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson, a monk from St. John’s Abbey, will share his insights from Buddhist and Christian monastic practices which include hospitality, mindfulness, and meditation.

Emergency Notification Plan
When it is necessary to cancel a Sunday Service due to inclement weather or other unsafe conditions, we will:
1. Send a message to everyone on the email distribution list, and when possible, post on the Fellowship website and Facebook page.
2. Notify WJON Radio, AM1240, by phone to request that the cancellation be announced on air and on their website:
3. Call individual members who have requested to be contacted by phone. This option is for members who don't have ready access to email, internet, or WJON radio.
4. If unable to accomplish 1 and 2, make phone calls to the entire directory list.
When in doubt about the weather or the event, members should check for an email or radio message of cancellation. Use common sense and stay home if weather or road conditions look bad.

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